A Personal Injury Lawyer Walks in His Client’s Shoes: Part 2 – A Doctor’s Visit

By  Cory Bilton

Union Station 1

In mid December, I injured my arm while I slept. I’m sharing my experience getting medical treatment, going to physical therapy, and working to regain function in my left arm and hand. You can read the first part of my experience here.

In the weeks after I injured my left arm, I continued to experience constant pain and discomfort, particularly in my wrist and hand. I Googled my symptoms. Everything I read seemed to point to the idea that I had a pinched ulnar nerve in my left arm. For anyone that has had a pinched nerve, I have great sympathy for you. It has been incredibly uncomfortable for me. For anyone who hasn’t had a pinched nerve, it is painful and annoying. The worst part is that the sensations pulse through your arm. These are not good sensations, either. I frequently felt like my hand was on fire. Then the sensation would cool until it felt like electricity flowing through my arm. Sometimes these sensations came on so quickly my arm would recoil reflexively. In addition to these sensations, I had constant numbness and a “pins and needles” sensation in my pinky and ring finger.

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Will the Supreme Court End Confusion Caused by Empire v. McVeigh?

By Cory Bilton

Supreme Court - 2

While the nation looks to the Supreme Court to take a stand on historic social issues, some personal injury attorneys are hopeful that the Court will take a stand for state laws that protect injury victims from unfair subrogation practices. My interests fall into both categories. For attorneys unaware that an interesting subrogation case is being considered, you should check out the briefs for Aetna v. Kobold or Coventry v. Nevils. The two cases ask the Court to resolve the same issue: do the terms of a FEHBA plan preempt state laws regulating subrogation and reimbursement?

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