Case Law Dispatch: Sullivan v. AboveNet Communications

By Cory Bilton

Case Law Dispatches

With Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland so close in proximity, nearly every personal injury case in our area involves standards and laws from more than one jurisdiction. To help the legal community notice emerging decisions, Case Law Dispatches provide a very brief snapshot of specific appellate decisions that impact personal injury law in the Washington, DC area.

Case: Sullivan v. AboveNet Communications

  • Court: DC Court of Appeals
  • Decision Date: 3/26/15
  • Appellate Panel: Blackburne-Rigsby, McLeese, and King
  • Trial Judge: Cordero


Plaintiff was injured after he tripped and fell on uneven pavement around a manhole in the roadway.

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Interview with Appellate Lawyer John Vail

By Cory Bilton

DC Court of Appeals

Last fall, I had the good fortune to meet John Vail.  John’s legal career has covered a lot of territory.  He has managed community legal services programs, testified before Congress on federal procedure, and lectured at esteemed law schools (such as my alma mater, George Washington University).  But for most of this century, John’s practice has focused on motions, appeals, and constitutional issues.  For many trial lawyers, appeals are a rare opportunity.  John was kind enough to allow me to ask him a few questions about appeals, his career, and advice he has for local trial lawyers.

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