Local Chipotle Shuts Down After Customers Become Sick

A Chipotle restaurant on Tripleseven Road in Sterling, Virginia shut down yesterday after numerous customers reported becoming ill after eating there recently. The website iwaspoisoned.com shows 10 reports of customers falling ill after eating at this Chipotle location in the last few days.  The reports all indicate customers ate at this Chipotle on Friday or Saturday, and became ill over the weekend with nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Quite a few of the reports indicate the symptoms and illness were “violent.”  Not pleasant.

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DC Releases Huge Trove of Crash Data

Last month, the DC Department of Transportation released a trove of collision data.  The DC DOT and Metropolitan Police Department have a history of sharing information about collisions in the District of Columbia, often through periodic reports.  But this data release is different in that provides information about individual crash report incidents taken by Metropolitan Police Department officers.  So instead of a statistical summary, what you see is individual collisions mapped onto the streets of DC, one collision at a time.

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Injury Law Around the Beltway has been on hold for the last two years. Family responsibilities and devotion to my new firm made it so that blogging was just not possible.  But since then, my family and practice has grown to the point where blogging is again something to I can focus on.  In the coming weeks and months, I hope to renew my coverage of injury law news in the Washington, DC area.