About Me

Cory BiltonMy name is Cory Bilton.  I’m an attorney, father, husband, dog owner, bicyclist, amateur chef, and northern Virginia resident.  I represent pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists that have been injured in accidents in Virginia and Maryland.  This blog discusses news, cases, and issues having some effect on personal injury law in the metropolitan Washington, DC area, including northern Virginia and Maryland.  You can find out more about my practice at my firm’s website, the Bilton Law Firm, PLLC.  While reading this blog, please keep in mind that nothing on this blog is intended to serve as legal advice (click on the Disclaimer tab for the full version).  Pretty much all of these posts started because I had some moment at work when I found myself saying, “Aha!”, or “Interesting”, or “I didn’t realize…”.  So my goal is to share some of the parts of my week that I found interesting or informative.  I’m always available to discuss issues behind these blog posts or potential cases at cory@biltonlaw.com.