People are free to say whatever they want on a blog.  But for lawyers, the rules are a little different.  This blog is intended to provide general information and to add to the internet discussion of news, legal issues, and policies that affect personal injury law and litigation.  This blog is not intended to provide specific legal advice to normal people.  If you believe you need legal advice, speak with an attorney in your area.  Don’t rely on what you read on this blog, or any other blog.  No matter how frequently you read this blog, do not think that I represent you because you read this blog.  In lawyer-speak: this blog does not create a lawyer/client relationship.

This blog is not intended to discuss cases I have worked on, or to promote case victories.  I may discuss specific case issues sometimes.  But when I do, I will protect the privacy of my clients and I will not discuss ongoing cases.  However, if a blog post ever mentions publicly available information from a case I’ve worked on, you should consider that lawyer advertising.  Please be aware that every case is unique.  Nothing you read on this blog guarantees or predicts the result in any future case I handle.  Many different factors go into a case’s success or failure.

For readers that are lawyers, law clerks, or paralegals, do not blindly trust any analysis you read in this blog.  If relevant to the post, I try to include links to cases, reports, or other source documents, so that you can more easily read them for yourself.  Relying on this blog would be more foolish than citing Wikipedia.  Save yourself the embarrassment and don’t do it.